Louisville, KY

Today we made our way to Louisville. When we arrived in Louisville we went to visit the Ali Center (Muhammad). At the Ali Center we got a chance to go inside the boxing ring and feel what Ali's punches felt like. I also learned that Ali started to box when someone stole his bike. He needed to know how to protect himself. We were also able to make our own coins and tried to balance a ball in the middle of a see-saw. We also went to the gift shop where I bought a wristband that has words and phrases that Ali believed in. Some of the words and phrases were: dedication, find greatness within, spirituality, giving, and respect.

After the Ali Center we went to check into our hotel and put on our uniforms for our game at 7:00 PM. Before the game they fed us pulled pork sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, and cold drinks. The game score was 0-0 until the 4th inning, when we scored 3 runs. We started piling on runs from there. At the end of the game the score was 11-1. The Monarchs got the W again. Then we went to our hotel, ate, and went to bed.

-Brandon Gibbs #9


744 S. 17th St. Philadelphia, PA 19146